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Selling tips

Some ideas to think about:

  • try to get photos taken before you remove furniture. These can be used to market the property, as it can be easier for a buyer to imagine themselves living there
  • keep curtains hanging at windows and lamp shades or light fittings to give a hint of home. Bare light bulbs don’t show a home at its best and no light bulbs at all may mean no winter viewings
  • go to the property before every viewing if you can. You can give it a quick clean and collect post from behind the front door
  • try to keep the property maintained. A burst pipe or leaky water tank could put off a buyer. Keep the house heated if you can even at a low heat. This could prevent all sorts of problems
  • clean windows inside and out and replace broken light bulbs. This helps make the house feel light and airy. Rooms feel bigger and more attractive to a buyer
  • if you can, give your walls a fresh coat of neutral paint. Even painting the front door can help make a good impression
  • do any minor repairs like putting filler in holes in walls or replacing washers to stop taps dripping may make a difference
  • de-clutter if needed so buyers can imagine the space if they were living there
  • cut the grass and trim bushes in the garden and clean dirt and moss from the patio. This shows buyers the house is still cared for
  • if you are struggling to sell your property you could consider furnishing it short term. You would need to let council tax know if you furnish the property