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Apply for affordable housing

Qualifying for affordable housing

Section 106 Agreement

Affordable properties are governed by a document called a Section 106 Agreement. The information included in the Section 106, tells us who can buy the property. There are variations to this document specific to each property but generally, to qualify for affordable housing you must satisfy three conditions: 

Local Occupancy Clause

You must have lived in the area for the last three years or have a permanent full time job in the area you are applying for (over 16 hours per week).

Housing Need

You must not be able to afford a property on the open market. We assess this by looking at your; income, savings, shares, equity in any property you own etc. We then compare this with a table of property values we have carefully compiled from independent property surveyors to see if you qualify.

Use of the property

The property must be your only or principal home and not used as a 'buy to let', second home or holiday home. 

Application for affordable housing

We have to ensure that anyone who buys and occupies a low cost home qualifies to live in it and, that occupancy is in accordance with the Section 106 Agreement in relation to that property.

To apply complete the low cost home ownership application form (PDF/49.4KB/4 pages). Please send the form and all supporting evidence to our Affordable Housing Officer at the contact details below. The information you supply will allow us to decide if you meet the eligibility criteria for the property you wish to purchase.  You should only apply if there is a specific property you are interested in.

For general enquiries or register your interest in affordable housing email:

Supporting evidence

You should supply full details of anybody who will live in the property as their main home. For each applicant the following supporting evidence must be supplied:

  • Current address: Please supply either a copy of your Council Tax bill or a recent utility bill or a copy of your driving licence
  • Income: Please supply the last two pay slips for each applicant. If you are self-employed you will need to supply your last year’s accounts
  • Savings: Please supply copies of the latest balance of all savings accounts of each applicant
  • Copy of a mortgage offer in principle/mortgage guarantee: This will help us confirm your financial circumstances. Please note we only require an in principle offer of the kind provided by most high street lenders. We do not require proof that you have a firm mortgage offer for the property for which you are seeking approval. We suggest you obtain this once you are approved by our Affordable Housing Officers
  • Confirmation of any other funds which will be put towards purchasing the property: If you will be receiving a family loan/gift please provide a letter from the person supplying the loan confirming the amount and terms of the loan/gift   
  • Confirmation of any available equity: If you will be selling an existing property please supply confirmation of a valuation of the property, proof of marketing and proof of the equity remaining (eg an existing mortgage statement) 
  • Employment: If you are self employed, please state the nature of the business and any connection to the location of the home you are applying for 

All original documents will be returned to you. Occasionally we may contact applicants for further information.


We can only make a decision on eligibility when in receipt of:

  • a fully completed application form, including the address of the property you wish to purchase
  • all supporting evidence

We may contact you for further information. Applications take 15 working days to process (not including bank holidays and weekends). We cannot take enquiries about the status of your application until 15 working days (not including bank holidays and weekends) have passed.

Formal decisions about applications will always be in writing. You will not be able to progress with the purchase until you have received an approval letter from us for that property.

If you are not approved, this will be explained in a letter as well as information about appeals. This does not mean that you cannot re-apply for another property, as the Section 106 Agreement and property value may be different.