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Apply for affordable housing

Qualifying for affordable housing

Section 106

Affordable properties are governed by a document called a Section 106.  

The information included in the Section 106, tells us who can buy the property. There are variations to this document but generally, to qualify for affordable housing you must satisfy three conditions. 

Local Occupancy Clause

You must have lived in the area for the last three years or have a full time job in the area you are applying for.

Housing Need

You must not be able to afford a property on the open market. We assess this by looking at your income, savings, equity, shares etc. We then compare them to a table of values we have carefully compiled, to see if you qualify.

Use of the Property

The property must be your only or principle home and not used as a second home or holiday home. 

Application for affordable housing

Along with supporting evidence applicants will need to fill out a low cost home ownership application form (PDF/49.4KB/4 pages). Please only apply if there is a specific property you are interested in.

For general enquiries please register your interest by emailing:

Please make sure you have all the supporting information before sending in your application and have read through the low cost home ownership guidance notes (PDF/55.5KB/2 pages).

Applications take 15 working days to process (not including bank holidays and weekends). We cannot take enquiries about the status of your application until 15 working days (not including bank holidays and weekends) have passed.