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5K property owner flood resilience grant

This scheme is now closed for new applications.

The flood grant team are working to determine all applications as soon as possible. The final date for the completion of work and submittal of invoices for payment will be 30 September 2017.

The grants are intended only to fund measures which improve the property’s resilience (“let the water in” approach) or resistance (“try to keep the water out” approach) to flooding over and above repairs that would normally be covered by insurance.

Grants will be payable to the person responsible for the fabric of the property, normally the property owner. 

Owners of the following properties were eligible for the scheme

  • Residential properties where habitable internal areas of the property have been damaged. For rented properties the landlord (or property owner) will need to apply for the funding. Including, any accommodation such as static caravans where they are defined as the primary residence on the electoral roll and second homes.
  • Businesses and charitable organisation properties where internal areas of premises which are critical to the day-to-day operations (not storage sheds or warehouses) have been damaged. Including, social enterprise and holiday let accommodation.

Flood resilience and resistance measures

Resilience measures can include raised electrics, water resistant plaster and tiled concrete floors. Working with your insurer these measures can be included now as part of your repairs.

Flood resilience house

Resistance measures can include flood doors, door barriers, self-closing airbricks and pumps. 

In many cases resilience measures should be the preferred measure considered because resistance measures will only keep the water out up to a point. Resilience measures mean you can recover from flooding quicker.

We strongly recommend you get a professional flood protection survey which will cost around £500. This £500 will be reimbursed once we have processed your application, whether your application is successful or not. This flood protection survey will ensure you are getting the best measures suitable for your property. List of surveyors able to carry out a property level flood protection survey.  

Where you are looking at resistance measures you should consider the potential benefits of pooling your grants with neighbours in order to carry out larger scale property level flood resilience work. Where grants are to be combined, a survey will be required to support the application.

Current flood grant applications

This scheme is now closed for new applications.

The final date for the completion of work and submittal of invoices for payment will be 30 September 2017.

Flood resilience grant application forms (PDF/135KB/4 pages) have been sent out to those properties we believe were affected by flooding.

You must provide two quotes for the work you require with your application. If you are completing resilience work, please ask your two contractors to each complete our flood resilience quotation form (PDF/43KB/2 pages).  The purpose of this form is to assist contractors in itemising the cost of resilience works.

In order to reduce the risk of fraud, the homeowner will be asked to subsequently produce receipts or invoices confirming the work has been carried out.

Where appropriate, we recommend that homeowners use products that carry the BSI kitemark for flood protection products (PAS1188) or similar standards.

Ideally, grant application forms should be submitted and approved in advance of committing expenditure. If applications are retrospective, there is a risk to the homeowner that costs may not be eligible.

Getting help with your flood resilience grant application

Flood survey

Companies in South Lakeland and nearby area who have confirmed they are able to provide property level flood protection surveys include:-

Not endorsed by us as 'approved contractors'

Building Control SLDC
South Lakeland House, Lowther Street, Kendal LA9 4DQ
Justin Rickards
Tel: 01539 793331

Burgess Roughton, Consulting Enginners
4 Low Fellside, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4NH
Tel: 01539 722 204

Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG)
Tel: 01539 769057

Curtins Ltd
28 Lowther Street, Kendal LA9 4DH
John Sutcliffe, Technical Director
Tel: 01539 724823

JBA Consulting
South Barn, Broughton Hall, Skipton BD23 3AE
Tel: 01633 410021

R G Parkins & Partners Ltd
Meadowside, Shap Road, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6NY
Chris Scott  IEng ACIWEM Associate Director
Tel:01539 729393 or 07776 858971

RAB Consultants
13 St Stephens Court, Durham DL15 0BF
Tel: 01388 748 366

Other companies who may offer this service are available from:

 The National Flood Forum ‘Blue pages’ is a source of information for contractors, installers and surveyors.