How Council Tax is calculated

Last Updated: 27 August 2021

Everyone who pays Council Tax is contributing to the services we enjoy in South Lakeland.

However, the majority of the money collected goes towards services provided by Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Police.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Council Tax

We recognise that people may be facing financial difficulties because of the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many people will be getting help from the government if their work is having to close.

If you are able to continue to pay your council tax please do so, as this helps pay for many of the services currently in demand such as health and social care.

However, if you are struggling to afford to pay, then we encourage you to contact us by calling 01539 733 333 and speak to one of our customer service advisors. There are ways we can help you.

We can reduce the monthly payment by spreading the costs over 12 months, rather than 10.

You may also be entitled to help under the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. So if you are facing financial difficulties, please do contact us.

There are circumstances when the Council Tax Reduction Scheme does not apply or where there would still be hardship in making Council Tax payments once all other reductions have been applied. We are welcoming comments and views on the proposed Council Tax hardship scheme. All comments receIved up to the 28 June 2020 will be considered.

Where your Council Tax goes

For every £1 that you pay, your Council Tax is shared as follows:

  • 74p to Cumbria County Council
  • 14p to Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner
  • 10p to South Lakeland District Council
  • 2p to Parish Council

Council Tax funding requirements

Council Tax requirements of the authorities that receive Council Tax
Authority Council Tax requirement£000
Cumbria County Council 68,006.24
Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner 12,355.20
South Lakeland District Council 9,285.46
Parish/Town Councils 1,813.00
Total 91,459.90

To calculate the total average Band D Council Tax, divide the total Council Tax requirement above by the Tax Base for South Lakeland, which is £45,396.81 This gives an average Band D tax of £2,014.68.

Band D Council Tax requirements of the authorities that receive Council Tax
Authority Council Tax requirement
Cumbria County Council £1,498.04
Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner £272.16
South Lakeland District Council £204.54
Parish/Town Councils £39.94
Total average Band D Council Tax £2,014.68