Adult social care precept

Last Updated: 24 October 2022

There are restrictions on how much a council can raise their Council Tax by before they need to hold a referendum. Cumbria County Council is allowed to increase the level of the main element of their Council Tax amount by 2% and since 1 April 2016 they can raise up to a further 3% to fund Adult Social Care (ASC).

On your bill there are two elements for the County Council: one for core spending and one for ASC. The amount raised by the ASC precept is spent entirely on adult social care functions. The way in which we are required to show the increase in the ASC precept on bills is in accordance with regulations and guidance, and this is the same nationally.

On your bill we are required to show the total amount of your bill that is funding ASC. Cumbria County Council has set an additional amount for ASC each year since 2016-17. This means that on your bill the amount shown for ASC is the total of all the years. The table shows the amounts for each year.

Year 2% increase for ASC (Band D) £ Total on bill for ASC (Band D) £
2016 to 2017 23.69 23.69
2017 to 2018 24.64 48.33
2018 to 2019 25.62 73.95
2019 to 2020 26.64 100.59
2020 to 2021 27.71 128.30
2021 to 2022 28.81 157.11
2022 to 2023 29.96 187.07

When comparing the ASC element alone the increase is not the 2% shown on your bill.

Cumbria County Council has set an increase of 2% for the ASC precept for 2022-23 and this is the percentage we are required to show on your bill as the increase for ASC.

The 2% increase is calculated on the total County Council precept which for 2021-22 was £1,498.04 for a Band D property. The 2% increase for 2021 to 2022 is therefore £29.96.

How the adult social care precept is calculated

Below is an example of how the adult social care precept is calculated, based on a Council Tax Band D property:

Adult social care 2022 to 2023 calculation

Cumbria Precept 2021-22 £1,340.93 plus Adult Social Care (ASC) 2021-22 £157.11is £1,498.04 x 2% = £29.96 (2022-23 ASC Increase)

Adult Social Care 2022-23:

Last year’s ASC £157.11 plus 2022-23 ASC increase £29.96 = £187.07

Further information on the adult social care precept

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