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Council Tax change of address

To tell us about a change of address please email us at

If you are moving into a new home please tell us:

  • your Council Tax reference number (if applicable)
  • the full address
  • the date you moved in
  • the date you were given possession of the property (start date of lease or completion of sale)
  • your previous address if it was in South Lakeland
  • the name of owner and address of owner (if not you)
  • a daytime telephone number

If you are moving out please tell us:

  • the full address
  • the date the lease was terminated or the sale was completed.
  • your new address
  • the name and address of new owner
  • your telephone number
  • whether the property is furnished
  • name and address of landlord if rented

If the amount you need to pay changes we will send a revised bill, or a refund if you have overpaid.

If you have moved house you may need to update your details for voting, more information can be found at register to vote.