Council Tax £150 energy rebate

Last Updated: 14 October 2022

The Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme closed on 30 September.


You are eligible for this rebate if your home is in Council Tax band A to D and you were the liable person for council tax on 1st April 2022. This also includes any band E property paying the equivalent of band D where disabled relief has been applied. Please note:

  • the property must be occupied
  • the property must be someone's sole or main residence
  • payments must be made to the liable Council Tax-payer
  • the property must be a chargeable dwelling

Properties with the following exemptions will also be eligible:

  • Class N: students
  • Class S: under 18
  • Class U: severe mental impairment
  • Class W: occupied annexe

Accounts in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) will be eligible where the band of those properties is in bands A – D.

Any properties that are unoccupied, classed as a second home, or the liable party is a local authority, corporate body, housing association, or government body, will not be eligible for the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate.

Claiming the rebate if you are not liable for Council Tax or your property is in Band E - H

The Discretionary Rebate Scheme was introduced for eligible households. This scheme closed on 13 October.


If you don’t currently pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

We invited people to complete an online form to provide your bank details so that we can make your payment. The online form has now closed and we are in the final stages of processing payments.

We are required to check that the bank account is in the name of the person who is liable for Council Tax and undertake assurance checks in line with government guidance prior to making any payments.

We aim to make payment within three weeks once we receive your claim and verify your bank account but a small proportion of payments may not be made automatically within this timeframe.

The payment will have the following reference showing that it is payment from South Lakeland District Council – SLDC ENERGY REBATE

If you do not have a bank account, we can also pay the rebate directly into your Council Tax account. If you are eligible for the rebate and someone else usually pays your Council Tax by Direct Debit, we will write to you in due course explaining what we need so that we can pay you the £150.

Please note the £150 rebate will not need to be repaid unless it has been paid in error or it comes to light that a household was not eligible to the payment due to a change in circumstances. If you have received a payment and think you may not be in a qualifying property, please let us know straight away. The eligibility criteria are shown below.

If you are worried about your bank allocating the energy rebate payment to other fees and charges, you can ask for them to treat the payment as a payment towards your bills. National Debtline have created a sample letter that you may find helpful: National Debtline: Ask your bank to pay particular bills out of your account

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

We have started to pay customers who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit with the first payments of £150 showing in bank accounts from 31 May 2022. The payment will show the following reference: SLDC ENERGY REBATE.

We are only able to make a payment where we are satisfied that the household is eligible and where the name on the bank account details that we hold matches the name of the person on the Council Tax bill so you may not have received your payment yet.

Please note that if your council tax account name does not match the bank account name we hold for you, a payment may not be made automatically and you will be invited to make an application for the payment alongside the non-direct debit payers. This is in accordance with Government guidance and we cannot make any exceptions to this.