Apply for Council Tax Reduction

Last Updated: 28 April 2023

You must make a claim in writing for Council Tax Reduction. This can be done in one of several ways:

All forms must be returned to our offices within one month of the day they are issued.

Please check that you are eligible for council tax reduction before sending your application: who can apply for Council Tax Reduction.

The application form clearly states the information which you must provide with your claim. Any documents which you are required to submit must be original documents, photocopies are not acceptable. If you do not send all of the required information we will write to you, this will delay the assessment of your claim.

If you deliver you application form to the office your documentation will be verified and photocopied immediately and your documents will be returned to you immediately.

If you apply by post the documents will be verified, photocopied and returned to you on the day of receipt. 

Once your application has been assessed we will send you a bill from which your reduction has already been applied, you will not receive any money directly.  If you receive a zero bill this will confirm that you have no Council Tax to pay.