Housing Benefit overpayment

Last Updated: 2 September 2020

You must contact us immediately if you think you have been paid too much Housing Benefit, or have had a change of circumstances that could affect your benefit entitlement.

If you have been paid too much Housing Benefit, we will send you a letter that will tell you how much was overpaid, and when the overpayment was made. It will also show you whether the overpayment is recoverable or not, and how that will affect your ongoing benefit payments.

If you are still eligible to receive Housing Benefit payments, we will recover the overpayment from your ongoing entitlement. The letter will tell you how much your entitlement will be reduced by and for how long.

When you receive an invoice for Housing Benefit overpayment

If the overpayment is recoverable, but are you are no longer eligible for Housing Benefit, we will send you an invoice. You can contact our Benefits team to make arrangements on how to pay. 

Pay an invoice

Pay back a Housing Benefit overpayment online

Make a payment directly to our bank account

You can make a payment by debit card at any time using a touchtone phone and calling our automated telephone system on 01539 263 460. You will need to quote your invoice number. Alternatively you can ring our Benefits team between 8.45am and 5pm on Monday to Friday, details are listed below.

Cheques should be made payable to South Lakeland District Council and can be posted to the address below.

Pay at your local Post Office or PayPoint outlet

If you are experiencing difficulties

Please contact us immediately if you are struggling to pay back overpaid Housing Benefit, and we will review the arrangements.

Appeal a Housing Benefit overpayment decision

If you do not agree that you have been overpaid Housing Benefit, you can appeal to our DHP and Appeals Officer. You must make your appeal in writing within a calendar month of receiving the decision notice, giving full reasons and any supporting evidence to why you think our decision was wrong. 

Appeals should be emailed or sent by post to the Benefits team, details listed below.