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Appeals: Council Tax Reduction

If you are not happy with a Council Tax Reduction decision you can appeal.

If you are appealing against a decision made under the Council Tax Benefit rules (a decision made that affects entitlement before 1 April 2013) you need to follow the rules for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit appeals.

You can appeal about:

  • entitlement to a reduction under the scheme
  • the amount of the reduction

How to appeal

Appeals must be in writing and say why you disagree with the decision. You should give as much information as you can and include any supporting documents.

You should send the appeal as soon as possible so that. We will write to you within two months to let you know what we decide.

If you still disagree with the decision or if we do not write to you within two months you may appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal Service:

CTR Team
Hepworth House
2 Trafford Court

Most appeals are dealt with by our independent Appeals Officer. Occasionally, where an agreement cannot be reached, cases will need to go to tribunal to be heard externally.

If you need to go to tribunal, the Valuation Tribunal Service will contact you directly to tell you the date, time and place of the hearing.

Further information and advice

Advice centres, like the Citizens Advice Bureau and law centres, can represent you and help you understand the reasons for Council Tax Reduction scheme decisions.