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Cartmel Township Initiative

About the group

Cartmel Township Initiative Delivery Group was set up in 2013 and in addition to us it is made up of Cartmel businesses, residents and representatives from Lower Allithwaite Parish Council and Cumbria County Council. The overreaching aim of the Cartmel Township Initiative (CTI) is:

“to protect the exceptional quality of the historic village and its immediate environs”


Lower Allithwaite Parish Council commissioned a strategic report from Allies and Morrison to look at Cartmel. The objectives of the initiative were to:

  • enhance the special historical character of the town
  • to create a better quality and safer public realm for pedestrians
  • to address parking issues for local residents, local businesses and visitors
  • to improve vehicular movement within the village
  • to enhance wider access to the village
  • to support and promote local businesses

The group was formed to address the points that emerged from the consultation.

Cartmel township initiative final report (PDF/6.4MB/94 pages)

CTI First Newsletter (PDF/728KB/2 pages)

CTI Contact form (PDF/219KB/1 page)


Along with Lower Allithwaite Parish Council, Cumbria County Council and Cartmel Village Society we have contributed towards the funding for Cartmel Township Initiative and associated projects.