Vehicle inspection guidelines

Last Updated: 17 August 2021

All vehicles, whether hackney or private hire will need to undergo a vehicle inspection and should meet all the requirements listed below: 

  1. No hole, tear of metal or any metal or other items (eg trim) to be capable of injuring a pedestrian or passenger. This is to include doors, door panels (inside) etc
  2. That bodywork, partially or wholly to show no discoloration that is beyond normal ageing, for the vehicles age/mileage. It is not acceptable for panels to be of contrasting colour eg panels, door skins, bonnet, that are replacements by ‘second hand’ or primer coated.
  3. All seats are to be secure. No movement will be allowed that compromises the safety and comfort of any passenger. Any tear must be of good repair and any seat covers are appropriate for the seating/make of vehicle.
  4. Depending on make/model all flooring should be secure, tear/hole free and appropriate. Rubber mats covering an tear/hole are acceptable so long as they are in good repair and appropriate for the make/model.
  5. Not acceptable if any luggage/goods placed in boot/luggage area will be soiled.
  6. Luggage grills are to be of manufacturers make or an approved make (eg Halfords supplied).
  7. All windows must be able to be wound down (to its full extent) and up with ease, eg winder turns without excessive (two hands) turn.
  8. Hackney (Taxis) usually display this in the top left hand side of windscreen (but can be on the dash). But it must be visible and readable.
  9. All bulbs working.
  10. All settings to work and ‘de-mist’ to manufacturers/law requirement.
  11. See terms and conditions for vehicle.
  12. See terms and conditions for vehicle.
  13. As stated.
  14. See terms and Conditions for vehicle.
  15. See terms and Conditions for vehicle.
  16. See Terms and Conditions for vehicle.
  17. As stated
  18. Licence plate should be fixed, slightly above or slightly below bumper acceptable
  19. Sign only to be illuminated while the taxi meter is in the ‘For Hire’ mode. Light is not to show in the ‘Hired’ and ‘Stopped’ modes.
  20. Details on taxi meter