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Business Bike Parking grants

Businesses across the district can now apply for bike parking grants.

The scheme offers businesses up to £1,000 for the purchase and installation of Sheffield stands or bike boxes for employees to safely secure their cycles.

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Objectives of the scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to increase the numbers of people commuting by bike across the district, if more of us cycled to work it would:

  • cut rush hour congestion
  • lead to improved air quality
  • contribute towards healthier lifestyles for our residents

Funding criteria

Businesses can apply for the scheme if they are an existing business with a premise anywhere in the district, are able to complete the works within six months of the grant being offered and can contribute at least 30% of the cost excluding VAT.

Funding will not be granted if the measures are temporary, if the works are a refurbishment of existing bike parking or if work starts before a business receives their award letter.

How to apply

To apply contact the Public Protection team.

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