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Rate relief

Transitional relief

After a property is revalued there is a period of transition.

No bill is allowed to go up or down by more than a set percentage.

Any property with a large increase or decrease in its rateable value comes under the transitional relief scheme. This phases in the valuation over time.

If transitional relief applies to you, it will be applied automatically. 

Empty properties

If a property is empty and unused, no business rates are normally payable for the first three months (six months if the property is classed as industrial).

After this the full rate is payable with no more reduction.

Some types of business property are exempt from empty property rates.

An exemption will be applied to your bill when you tell us the property has become empty.

Find out more about empty and unoccupied premises.

Partly occupied properties

If a partly occupied property is unoccupied for a short time you may get relief.

Charity relief

Charities can get an 80% reduction in their bills. We can reduce the bill further.

We can also give relief to other types of non profit organisations.

Rural rate relief

If your business property is in a designated rural area, you may be able to claim rural rate relief.

Appendix 4:Guidelines for determining Applications for Discretionary Rate Relief under Village Shop Rate Relief Scheme (PDF/18.3KB/1 page)

Hardship relief

We can give you hardship relief if you are experiencing hardship and your business is  important to the local community.

Appendix 3: Guidelines for determining Applications for Rate Relief on the grounds of Hardship (PDF/30KB/2 pages)

Discretionary Rate Relief

The Discretionary Rate Relief Policy Leaflet (PDF/69KB/5 pages) details the revised policy effective from 1st April 2017.

Revaluation 2017 Discretionary Business Rate Relief Scheme

The Revaluation 2017 Discretionary Business Rate Relief Scheme (PDF/120KB/6 pages) has been created following the March 2017 Budget, where the Government announced a £300m fund over four years for Local Authorities to develop their own discretionary schemes to deliver relief to ratepayers who have experienced large increases in bills following the 2017 Revaluation. 

If you were adversely affected by the increase in the 2017 Revaluation and you meet the qualifying criteria of the council's scheme, please complete and return the 2017 Revaluation Discretionary Rate Relief application form (PDF/89KB/3 pages).

How to apply

Please print, complete and return the application forms below. Include supporting documentary evidence if needed.

Application form for Discretionary Rate Relief for Rural, Charitable, Sporting Clubs (PDF/226KB/2 pages)

Application form for Rural Rate Relief (PDF/71KB/1 pages)


Small business rate relief 

Information and an application form for small business rate relief.