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Recycling guide

Find out how to recycle waste that is not collected from your home and how to recycle some more unusual items.

Recycling unusual items


  • aerosols can be recycled at the recycling banks in South Lakeland
  • aerosols must be empty and must not be pierced or squashed
  • please remove the plastic top, which can be recycled in the plastic bank

Christmas trees

  • Christmas trees can be recycled using your green garden waste bin in January or taken to the recycling centre

Clinical waste

  • clinical waste includes human or animal tissue, blood or syringes. We provide a service to collect clinical waste
  • please talk to your doctor if you require a service as they will normally arrange for collections


  • Pyrex, window glass and drinking glasses cannot be recycled
  • broken glass should be wrapped in newspaper and put into your household waste bin

Tetra Pak cartons

  • there are no facilities to recycle Tetra Pak cartons
  • please squash your cartons before putting them in your grey waste bin

Window glass

  • please take window glass to the recycling centre.

Additional recycling

You can take materials that are not collected from your home to your local recycling centre.

Find out more about recycling facilities in Cumbria

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