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Recycling, garden and general waste bins

What to do on bin collection day

Missed collections

Report a missed collection

Our crews could collect your bins up until 3pm on collection day. If your bin still hasn't been collected after 3pm you can report a missed collection.

We aim to collect a missed grey (general waste) bin within two working days of receiving your report.

We will not return for grey bins or waste bags that are not left for collection.

We are not obliged to go back for a missed garden waste and recycling collection. We would usually ask that:

If you have a question please contact us.

Request new and extra bins, bags and boxes

Apply for bins or recycling boxes

You can request a replacement grey waste bin if it is lost or damaged.

You can request extra or replacement: Green garden waste bins, blue recycling boxes or blue recycling bags.

This service is only for domestic customers and dependent on the stock of bins we have available. The service is free.

The grey and green bins provided are a standard capacity of 240 litres.

The recycling boxes provided are a standard capacity of 44 litres.

Our recycling vehicles normally carry a stock of recycling boxes, lids and recycling bags. The crew will be happy to provide replacement items on request.

You can place both card and paper in a single recycling box, which our operatives sort at the kerbside, or request an additional box and have separate boxes for paper and card. 

Using recycling bins, bags and boxes

  • please remember to pick up your bins and boxes after emptying
  • wrap your waste to keep your grey bin clean
  • we will also collect one standard bin bag of waste with a wheelie bin
  • squash plastic bottles and flatten cardboard to reduce the space taken in your bins
  • rinse plastics, bottles and cans
  • use your bins, bags and boxes only for the items we will collect. We can't empty bins that have the wrong things in them. Find out what goes in your bins, bags and boxes
  • remember additional space will be required around the bin or box for opening and to allow them to be removed
  • In windy weather please ensure your bags and boxes are weighted or secured

Assisted collections

Apply for an assisted collection

We provide an assisted collections service for people who are unable to move their bins or boxes because of a disability or ill health.

Age UK offer help and advice for anyone aged 50 or above, or their carers, telephone 030 300 30003.

Unwanted bins or boxes 

Request removal of unwanted bins and boxes  

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