Recycling, garden and general waste bins

Last Updated: 6 February 2023

You can help us make sure we deal with your household waste as quickly and effectively as possible, by checking:

Find your bin collection day
Find out what goes in your bins and boxes

Winter, green bin collections

There will be no green bin collections from Saturday 17 December. They will start again from Sunday 12 February.

Missed collections

Our crews could collect your bins up until 3pm on collection day. If your bin still hasn't been collected after 3pm you can report a missed collection. We aim to collect a missed bin within two working days of receiving your report.

We don't respond to reports of individual missed green bins.

We will not return for grey bins or waste bags that are not left for collection. If you do not present your waste or recycling you can:

Before you report a missed bin check to see if we're having issues with missed bins today, we might already know about it and be coming back soon.

Each week we collect from around 65,000 properties but sometimes incident like roadworks, parked vehicles, flooded or icy roads or much more rubbish to collect than usual, might stop us from collecting your bin.

Known issues with missed bins
Place Date and time Collection type The issue What we're doing to sort it
Ulverston: Byron Street, Rear of North Lonsdale Terrace and Bailey Street Monday 6 February Grey bins Round not completed due to vehicle breakdown

We'll try to come back tomorrow, please leave your bins out

Ulverston: Newton Street Monday 6 February Grey bins Parked vehicles prevented access

We'll try to come back tomorrow, please leave your bins out

Ulverston: Rear of Towers and Byron Street Monday 6 February Grey bins Roadworks prevented access

We'll try to come back as soon as possible, please leave your bins out

n/a Friday 3 February n/a No known issues reported


Report a missed collection

What to do on bin collection day

Collections are from 7am to 3pm:

  • please make sure we can get to your bins safely
  • have bins or boxes ready for collection by 7am
  • only put your bins and boxes out the evening before collection
  • collections are usually made at the boundary of your property. If you live at the end of a long private drive or lane please leave your bin near the highway
  • please make sure your bins are not causing an obstruction
  • collect your bins or boxes as soon as possible after emptying

Request new and extra bins, recycling bags and boxes

If you live in a residential property and your bin, bags and boxes are lost or damaged you can order a replacement.

Apply for a new bin

We are experiencing a high demand of orders for new bins which means there will be a delay in supplying the boxes. In the meantime, you may present your recycling in similar boxes of your own. Please separate the items and make sure we can see what is inside.

Using recycling bins, bags and boxes

  • wrap your waste to keep your grey bin clean
  • we will also collect one standard bin bag of waste with a wheelie bin
  • we will not collect bins that are overloaded by weight or volume
  • squash plastic bottles and flatten cardboard to reduce the space taken in your bins
  • rinse plastics, bottles and cans. Find out about the recycling process
  • use your bins, bags and boxes only for the items we will collect. We can't empty bins that have the wrong things in them. Find out what goes in your bins, bags and boxes
  • remember additional space will be required around the bin or box for opening and to allow them to be removed
  • in windy weather please ensure your bags and boxes are weighted or secured
  • the bins and boxes are the property of South Lakeland District Council. You may personalise them for your property, provided it remains clear which waste or recycling materials they contain
  • when residents move home they must leave all containers at the new property ready for the new occupant to use
  • residents are responsible for the storage, safe keeping and cleaning of the containers

Reducing your waste

If you have larger amounts of waste that cannot be recycled you may be able to reduce your waste in other ways.

Love Food Hate Waste offer advice on how to cut down on food waste and reduce your food bill.

Buy a discounted compost bin to reduce garden waste.

If you need extra recycling boxes or bags we can provide those for you. If you are recycling as much as possible and have six or more people in the house you may apply for a larger waste bin.

Please use the application form and provide the reasons for your request.

The entitlement to a larger bin is reviewed on an annual basis, and if circumstances change the extra capacity may be withdrawn.

When making a request please provide any information that may help us to help you reduce and manage your waste.

Assisted collections

If you can't take your bins or boxes to the collection point due to ill health, infirmity or disability you can request an assisted collection service:

  • the service is not available if there are any adults over the age of 18 at the address that can put the bins out
  • each application is considered on its merits and collections are subject to a bi-annual review
  • if there is a change in circumstances you must inform us as soon as possible

Apply for an assisted collection

Age UK offer help and advice for anyone aged 50 or above, or their carers, telephone 030 300 30003.

Waste collection services to charities and community organisations

Places of worship will be provided with the same service as households. There is no collection charge.

All other charities are classed as trade waste.

Unwanted bins or boxes 

Request removal of unwanted bins and boxes 

If you have a general question about waste and recycling that isn't answered on this page:

Household waste and recycling query