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Recycling and general waste bins

What to do on bin collection day

Missed collections

Our crews could collect your bins up until 3pm on collection day. If your bin still hasn't been collected after 3pm you can report a missed collection

Report a missed collection

We will collect a missed grey (general waste) bin within 48 hours of receiving your report.

We will not return for grey bins or waste bags that are not left for collection.

We are not obliged to go back for a missed recycling collection. We would usually ask that:

If you have a question please contact us.

Using recycling boxes, bags and bins

  • please remember to pick up your bins and boxes after emptying
  • bins can be cleaned using warm, soapy water
  • wrap your waste to keep your grey bin clean
  • we will also collect one standard bin bag of waste with a wheelie bin
  • to make sure you use your boxes and bins safely follow the user guide on the side of the box
  • use both hands to move them

We will sort your glass, cans and paper at the kerbside. Please: 

  • squash plastic bottles and flatten cardboard to reduce the space taken in your bin
  • rinse bottles and cans
  • please don't use the green bin or recycling boxes and bags for materials not included in our guidelines. We can't empty bins that have the wrong things in them
  • remember additional space will be required around the bin or box for opening and to allow them to be remove

Requesting new bins, bags and boxes

Our recycling vehicles normally carry a stock of recycling boxes, lids and recycling bags. The crew will be happy to provide replacement items on request.

Apply for bins or recycling boxes

Tips for bad weather

  • try to collect any bins, boxes and bags as soon as possible after emptying to avoid them being blown about
  • when leaving out containers, particularly recycling boxes and bags, it is always a good idea to place a brick, or similar, on the recycling box to help keep it in place, and use the Velcro strips on the lid of the bag to keep the contents secure
  • the straps can also be used to hang the blue bag on a gate or fence post, or some residents wedge the bag between their recycling boxes if windy weather is forecast to ensure it doesn't blow away
  • your crews are also briefed to try to ensure that, where a resident has used a weight on their boxes, that this is replaced on or in the box once it has been emptied and that wherever possible empty blue bags are placed inside blue boxes or even hung back on gateposts to avoid empty containers blowing away.

Assisted collections

We provide an assisted collections service for people who are unable to move their bins or boxes because of a disability or ill health.

Apply for an assisted collection

Further help and advice for anyone aged 50 or above, or their carers, is available from Age UK, telephone 030 300 30003.

Unwanted bins or boxes 

Request removal of unwanted bins and boxes