Funerals during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our cemeteries are open, it is important that funerals still take place. We’re following Government advice on how to conduct funeral services whilst reducing the risk of spreading Coronavirus infection amongst mourners and cemetery staff.

We understand that some of these restrictions will be difficult for families and friends who wish to pay their respects.

COVID-19: guidance for arranging or attending a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic

Attending a funeral service

If a Funeral Director is organising a service, they will be able to assist you with advice on whether you can attend.

If you are attending a funeral service you should follow the advice on social distancing when attending, and when travelling to and from, the service.

You should not attend a funeral service if you have symptoms of Coronavirus.

You can attend a funeral service if:

  • you are self-isolating for 14 days due to someone in your household being unwell with symptoms of Coronavirus but are not symptomatic. You should remain distanced from other mourners, who may be vulnerable or shielded
  • you are in a shielded or clinically vulnerable group and do not have symptoms of Coronavirus. The Funeral Director will make arrangements so you can attend, but it may have an impact on the ability of some others to attend (for instance, those who are self-isolating)

Please note that there are no handwashing facilities at our cemeteries.