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Website accessibility

We aim to make our website accessible by following certain standards and Government guidelines to ensure that it can be used by everyone.

The website has been designed to comply with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative 'AA' standard.

If you would like to discuss our approach to accessibility on the site, please feel free to make a comment, or pass on any suggestions by using the feedback form which appears at the bottom of each page.

Text size

If you find that the text on this website is too small you can use options built into your browser to change the size of the text. For more information on how to do this there is a useful guide from the BBC, Making the web easier to use.

External links

When you access an external website, the site will load in the same window from where you clicked on the link.

Although opening a link in a new window may appear to be the best way of linking to an external site, research has shown that opening new windows can be disorientating and less user friendly.

To return back to the SLDC website use the back arrow buttons on the top of the toolbar or type in the SLDC web address in the address bar.

Reading PDFs out loud

Adobe Acrobat Documents (PDFs) can be read out loud by your computer if you have version 6.0 or above of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To read a document out loud select 'View' from the menu followed by 'Read Out Loud'.

The 'Read Out Loud' menu has the following options which can also be accessed via shortcut keys:

Activate Read Out Loud - Shift + Control + Y
Read this page only - Shift+Control+V
Read to end of document - Shift+Control+B
Pause - Shift+Control+C
Stop - Shift+Control+E

Translate the website

This website can be viewed in languages other than English using Google translate.

Please Note: South Lakeland District Council accept no responsibility for the translation of the web pages.