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Sailing (Active Cumbria)

Salting and gritting (Cumbria County Council)

Samaritans (Samaritans)

Sands Centre (The Sands Centre, Carlisle)

Satellite dishes (Allerdale)

School admissions (Cumbria County Council)

School admissions (Gov UK)

School clothing costs (Cumbria County Council)

School governors (Cumbria County Council)

School governors (Department for Education)

School holiday dates (Cumbria County Council)

School meals (Cumbria County Council)

School performance and standards (Department for Education)

School transport (Cumbria County Council)

School welfare services (Department for Education)

Schools (Cumbria County Council)

Schools (Gov UK)

Scrap metal licences (South Lakeland)

Scrap metal licences (Allerdale)

Scrutiny committee (South Lakeland)

Scrutiny committee (Allerdale)

Scrutiny committee (Cumbria County Council)

Sea defences (South Lakeland)

Sea defences (Allerdale)

Secondary schools (Cumbria County Council)

Self employment (Gov UK)

Senior officer salaries (Cumbria County Council)

Septic tanks (South Lakeland)

Severe weather (Allerdale)

Sewers (South Lakeland)

Sexual health clinics (NHS)

Shelter (Shelter)

Sheltered housing (South Lakeland)

Sheltered housing (Allerdale)

Skateboard parks (South Lakeland)

Skateboard parks (Allerdale)

Skin piercing (South Lakeland)

Skin piercing (Allerdale)

Skip permits (Cumbria County Council)

Smartcards (Allerdale)

Smartcards (Cumbria County Council)

Smells (South Lakeland)

Smells (Allerdale)

Smoke pollution (South Lakeland)

Smoke pollution (Allerdale)

Smoking (NHS)

Snow clearance (Cumbria County Council)

Social services (Cumbria County Council)

Sofa disposal (Allerdale)

South Lakeland (South Lakeland District Council)

Special collections (Allerdale)

Special educational needs (Cumbria County Council)

Special educational needs (Department for Education)

Special waste collections (South Lakeland)

Special waste collections (Allerdale)

Speed cameras (Cumbria Safety Cameras)

Speed limits (Cumbria County Council)

Spending by the council (South Lakeland)

Spending by the council (Allerdale)

Spending by the council (Cumbria County Council)

Sports and recreation (Allerdale)

Sports and recreation facilities (South Lakeland)

Sports and recreation facilities (Allerdale)

Sports grants and development funds (South Lakeland)

Sports grants and development funds (Allerdale)

Sports grounds (South Lakeland)

Sports grounds - safety certificate (Cumbria County Council)

Squash (Active Cumbria)

Squatters (Gov UK)

St John Ambulance (St John Ambulance)

Starting a business (South Lakeland)

Starting a business (Allerdale)

Statistics (Cumbria Observatory)

Still births (Cumbria County Council)

Stray dogs (South Lakeland)

Stray dogs (Allerdale)

Street cleaning (South Lakeland)

Street cleaning (Allerdale)

Street furniture (Cumbria County Council)

Street lighting (Cumbria County Council)

Street name plates (South Lakeland)

Street name plates (Allerdale)

Street numbering and naming (South Lakeland)

Street numbering and naming (Allerdale)

Street parties and fetes (Allerdale)

Street parties and fetes (Cumbria County Council)

Street trading (South Lakeland)

Street trading (Allerdale)

Strokes (NHS)

Structure plans (Cumbria County Council)

Student grants (Gov UK)

Student loans (Gov UK)

Studies and qualifications (post-16) (Gov UK)

Sunday trading (Allerdale)

Support for the deaf (Cumbria County Council)

Sustainable development (Allerdale)

Sustainable development (Cumbria County Council)

Sustainable development (Gov UK)

Sustainable development (Lake District National Park)

Swimming (Active Cumbria)

Swimming (British Swimming)

Swimming pools (South Lakeland)

Swimming pools (Allerdale)

Swine flu (Allerdale)

Syringes (South Lakeland)

Syringes (Allerdale)