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Race relations (Cumbria Police)

Radioactive materials (Environment Agency)

Raffle licences (South Lakeland)

Raffle licences (Allerdale)

Rail cards (Allerdale)

Railway timetables (National Rail)

Rambling (Ramblers Association)

Rape (Cumbria County Council)

Rape (Cumbria Police)

Rates (South Lakeland)

Rates (Allerdale)

Rats (South Lakeland)

Rats (Allerdale)

Records offices (Cumbria County Council)

Recycling (South Lakeland)

Recycling (Allerdale)

Recycling (Cumbria County Council)

Recycling bin (South Lakeland)

Recycling bin (Allerdale)

Recycling centres (South Lakeland)

Recycling centres (Allerdale)

Reference libraries (Cumbria County Council)

Refugees (Allerdale)

Refuse collection (South Lakeland)

Refuse collection (Allerdale)

Refuse tips (Cumbria County Council)

Regeneration (South Lakeland)

Regeneration (Allerdale)

Register of electors (South Lakeland)

Register of electors (Allerdale)

Registration of births (Cumbria County Council)

Registration of deaths (Cumbria County Council)

Registration of food business (South Lakeland)

Registration of food business (Allerdale)

Registration of marriages (Cumbria County Council)

Renew a library book (Cumbria County Council)

Renovation grants (South Lakeland)

Renovation grants (Allerdale)

Rent (Allerdale)

Rent (Gov UK)

Rent arrears (South Lakeland)

Residential homes (Cumbria County Council)

Residents permits (parking) (South Lakeland)

Residents permits (parking) (Allerdale)

Respite care (Cumbria County Council)

Restaurants (Cumbria Tourism)

Restaurants (Discover Carlisle)

Retail (Discover Carlisle)

Retirement (South Lakeland)

Retirement (Allerdale)

Retirement (Gov UK)

Riding establishments licences (South Lakeland)

Riding establishments licences (Allerdale)

Right to buy your home (South Lakeland)

Right to buy your home (Allerdale)

Rights of way (Cumbria County Council)

Rights of way (Lake District National Park)

Rivers (Environment Agency)

Rivers and lakes (National Trust)


Road and pathway maintenance (Cumbria County Council)

Road closures and diversions (Allerdale)

Road closures and diversions (Cumbria County Council)

Road gritting (Cumbria County Council)

Road lighting (Cumbria County Council)

Road markings (Cumbria County Council)

Road safety (Cumbria Road Safety Partnership)

Road safety (Think)

Road safety education (Cumbria Police)

Road signs (Cumbria County Council)

Road works (Cumbria County Council)

Roads (Cumbria County Council)

Roads and highways (Cumbria County Council)

Rodent control (South Lakeland)

Rodent control (Allerdale)

Rowing (Active Cumbria)


RSS feeds (South Lakeland)

RSS feeds (Allerdale)

RSS feeds (Cumbria County Council)

Rubbish collection (South Lakeland)

Rubbish collection (Allerdale)

Rugby League (South Lakeland)

Rugby league (Active Cumbria)

Rugby League (Allerdale)

Rugby union (Active Cumbria)

Running (National Trust)

Rural development (Lake District National Park)

Rural housing (South Lakeland)

Rural Housing Trust (Cumbria Rural Housing Trust)

Rural transport (Cumbria County Council)