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Paper recycling (South Lakeland)

Paper recycling (Allerdale)

Parent and toddler groups (Cumbria County Council)

Parish and Town Councils (Cumbria Association of Local Councils)

Parish councils (South Lakeland)

Parish councils (Allerdale)

Parking (South Lakeland)

Parking (Cumbria County Council)

Parking (Lake District National Park)

Parking fines (South Lakeland)

Parking fines (Allerdale)

Parking off street car parks (South Lakeland)

Parking off street car parks (Allerdale)

Parking on street (South Lakeland)

Parking on street (Allerdale)

Parking on street (Cumbria County Council)

Parking permits (South Lakeland)

Parking permits (Allerdale)

Parking permits (Cumbria County Council)

Parkinson's (NHS)

Parkinson's (Parkinson's Disease Society)

Parks and green spaces (South Lakeland)

Parks and green spaces (Allerdale)

Parks and grounds maintenance (South Lakeland)

Parks and grounds maintenance (Allerdale)

Passports and visas (Gov UK)

Pavements (Cumbria County Council)

Pay a library fine (Cumbria County Council)

Pay a parking fine (Allerdale)

Payments (South Lakeland)

Payments (Allerdale)

Payments (Cumbria County Council)

Pedestrian crossings (Cumbria County Council)

Pensions (Gov UK)

Performance and stage licences (South Lakeland)

Performance and stage licences (Allerdale)

Performance indicators (Allerdale)

Performance indicators (Cumbria County Council)

Pests and pest control (South Lakeland)

Pests and pest control (Allerdale)

Pet shops (South Lakeland)

Pet shops (Allerdale)

Physical disability (Cumbria County Council)

Physical disability (Gov UK)

Planning (South Lakeland)

Planning (Allerdale)

Planning (Cumbria County Council)

Planning (Lake District National Park)

Planning appeals (South Lakeland)

Planning appeals (Allerdale)

Planning appeals (Cumbria County Council)

Planning applications (South Lakeland)

Planning applications (Allerdale)

Planning applications (Cumbria County Council)

Planning applications (Lake District National Park)

Planning applications - how to comment (South Lakeland)

Planning decisions (South Lakeland)

Planning decisions (Allerdale)

Planning decisions (Cumbria County Council)

Planning Portal (Allerdale)

Planning Portal (Cumbria County Council)

Plastic recycling (South Lakeland)

Plastic recycling (Allerdale)

Playgrounds (South Lakeland)

Playgrounds (Allerdale)

Pleasure craft licence (South Lakeland)

Pleasure craft licence (Allerdale)

Police (Cumbria Police)

Pollution (South Lakeland)

Pollution (Allerdale)

Pools (South Lakeland)

Pools (Allerdale)

Poop scoops (South Lakeland)

Poop scoops (Allerdale)

Population and migration (Cumbria Observatory)

Postal voting (South Lakeland)

Postal voting (Allerdale)

Pot holes (Cumbria County Council)

Premises to let (South Lakeland)

Premises to let (Allerdale)

Primary schools (Cumbria County Council)

Prisons (Gov UK)

Privacy and data protection (South Lakeland)

Privacy and data protection (Allerdale)

Privacy and data protection (Cumbria County Council)

Private rented accommodation (South Lakeland)

Private rented accommodation (Allerdale)

Probation Service (Cumbria and Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company)

Procurement (Allerdale)

Procurement (Cumbria County Council)

Protected trees (South Lakeland)

Protected trees (Allerdale)

Proxy voting (South Lakeland)

Proxy voting (Allerdale)

Public conveniences (South Lakeland)

Public conveniences (Allerdale)

Public footpaths (South Lakeland)

Public footpaths (Allerdale)

Public footpaths (Cumbria County Council)

Public libraries (Cumbria County Council)

Public meetings (South Lakeland)

Public meetings (Allerdale)

Public relations (South Lakeland)

Public relations (Allerdale)

Public rights of way (South Lakeland)

Public rights of way (Allerdale)

Public rights of way (Cumbria County Council)

Public schools (Gov UK)

Public toilets (South Lakeland)

Public toilets (Allerdale)

Public transport (South Lakeland)

Public transport (Allerdale)

Public transport (Cumbria County Council)

Public transport (Gov UK)