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Manufacturing (Discover Carlisle)

Mapping (Cumbria County Council)

Markets (South Lakeland)

Marriage and cohabitation (Cumbria County Council)

Marriage and cohabitation (Gov UK)

Marriage certificate (Cumbria County Council)

ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) (NHS)

Meals on wheels (Cumbria County Council)

Media and communications (South Lakeland)

Media and communications (Cumbria County Council)

Meningitis (NHS)

Mental health (Gov UK)

Mental health (NHS)

MEPs (South Lakeland)

Mice (South Lakeland)

MMR vaccination (NHS)

Mobile libraries (Cumbria County Council)

Money lenders (Gov UK)

Mortuaries (South Lakeland)

MOT tests (Department for Transport)

MOT tests (Gov UK)

Motorcycle proficiency (Gov UK)

Mountain rescue (Lake District Search & MR Association)

MPs (South Lakeland)

Multiple sclerosis (NHS)

Museums and galleries (South Lakeland)

Music (Gov UK)

Musical instrument tuition (Cumbria County Council)