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Ear piercing (South Lakeland)

Eating out (Cumbria Tourism)

Economic development (Cumbria County Council)

Eden (Eden District Council)

Education and skills (South Lakeland)

Education and skills (Cumbria County Council)

Education and skills (Gov UK)

Elderly mentally infirm (Cumbria County Council)

Election results (South Lakeland)

Election results (Cumbria County Council)

Electoral registration (South Lakeland)

Electoral services (South Lakeland)

E-Library (Cumbria County Council)

Emergency phone numbers (South Lakeland)

Emergency phone numbers (Cumbria Police)

Emergency planning (Cumbria County Council)

Employment, jobs and careers (South Lakeland)

Employment, jobs and careers (Cumbria County Council)

Empty homes (South Lakeland)

Energy and fuel (South Lakeland)

Energy conservation (South Lakeland)

Energy grants (Gov UK)

Entertainment and events (South Lakeland)

Entertainment and events (Cumbria Tourism)

Entertainment licences (South Lakeland)

Environment (South Lakeland)

Environment (Cumbria County Council)

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Environmental health (South Lakeland)

Environmental monitoring (South Lakeland)

Environmental sustainability (South Lakeland)

Environmental sustainability (Cumbria County Council)

Epilepsy (NHS)

Equal opportunities and diversity (South Lakeland)

Equal opportunities and diversity (Cumbria County Council)

Equality and diversity (Cumbria Police)

Equipment for disabled people (NHS)

Ethnic support groups (Cumbria County Council)

Europe Direct Cumbria (Cumbria County Council)

European affairs (European Commission in UK)

Events licences (South Lakeland)

Eviction (South Lakeland)

Exclusion from school (Cumbria County Council)

Exclusion from school (Gov UK)

Executive (South Lakeland)

Extensions to buildings (South Lakeland)