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Dance (Active Cumbria)

Dangerous animals (South Lakeland)

Dangerous animals (Allerdale)

Dangerous structures (South Lakeland)

Dangerous structures (Allerdale)

Dangerous substances (Gov UK)

Data protection (South Lakeland)

Data protection (Allerdale)

Data protection (Cumbria County Council)

Data protection (Gov UK)

Day care (Cumbria County Council)

Dead animals (South Lakeland)

Dead animals (Allerdale)

Death (South Lakeland)

Death (Allerdale)

Death (Cumbria County Council)

Death (Gov UK)

Death (NHS)

Death certificate (Cumbria County Council)

Debt advice services (Advice Guide)

Definitive maps (rights of way) (Lake District National Park)

Democracy and elections (South Lakeland)

Democracy and elections (Allerdale)

Democracy and elections (Cumbria County Council)

Demolition (buildings) (South Lakeland)

Demolition (buildings) (Allerdale)

Demonstrations or marches (Cumbria County Council)

Dentists (NHS)

Description of goods (Cumbria County Council)

Development control (South Lakeland)

Development control (Allerdale)

Development control (Cumbria County Council)

Development in conservation areas (South Lakeland)

Development in conservation areas (Allerdale)

Digital TV switchover (Digital UK)

Diocesan records (Cumbria County Council)

Disability (South Lakeland)

Disability (Allerdale)

Disability (Cumbria County Council)

Disability (Gov UK)

Disability (NHS)

Disabled badges (parking) (South Lakeland)

Disabled badges (parking) (Allerdale)

Disabled badges (parking) (Cumbria County Council)

Disabled facilities grants (South Lakeland)

Disabled facilities grants (Allerdale)

Disabled facilities grants (Cumbria County Council)

Disabled parking (South Lakeland)

Disabled parking (Allerdale)

Disabled parking (Cumbria County Council)

Disabled parking permits (South Lakeland)

Disabled parking permits (Allerdale)

Disabled parking permits (Cumbria County Council)

Disabled student allowance (Gov UK)

Discrimination or harassment (Cumbria County Council)

Dispose of bulky items (Allerdale)

District Councils (Cumbria County Council)

Doctors (NHS)

Dog barking (South Lakeland)

Dog barking (Allerdale)

Dog boarding licence (South Lakeland)

Dog boarding licence (Allerdale)

Dog breeding (South Lakeland)

Dog breeding (Allerdale)

Dog fouling (South Lakeland)

Dog fouling (Allerdale)

Dog toilets (Allerdale)

Dog warden schemes (South Lakeland)

Dog warden schemes (Allerdale)

Domestic violence (Cumbria County Council)

Domestic violence (Cumbria Police)

Domestic violence (NHS)

Downs syndrome (NHS)

Drainage and sewerage (South Lakeland)

Drainage and sewerage (Allerdale)

Dropped kerbs (Cumbria County Council)

Drug and alcohol action teams (Addaction)

Drug and alcohol action teams (Cumbria County Council)

Drugs use and abuse (Cumbria County Council)

Drugs use and abuse (NHS)

Dumped rubbish (South Lakeland)

Dumped rubbish (Allerdale)

Dumped vehicles (South Lakeland)

Dumped vehicles (Allerdale)

Dumped waste (Allerdale)