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Badminton (Active Cumbria)

Barking dogs (South Lakeland)

Barking dogs (Gov UK)

Barrow-in-Furness (Barrow Borough Council)

Baseball (Active Cumbria)

Basketball (Active Cumbria)

Bats (South Lakeland)

Beaches (Cumbria Tourism)

Bed and breakfast (South Lakeland)

Bed and breakfast (Cumbria Tourism)

Bed bugs and mites (South Lakeland)

Bed disposal (South Lakeland)

Bees (South Lakeland)

Beetles (South Lakeland)

Benches (Cumbria County Council)

Benefits (South Lakeland)

Benefits fraud (South Lakeland)

Bereavement (South Lakeland)

Bereavement (Gov UK)

Bereavement (NHS)

Best value (South Lakeland)

Bin collection (South Lakeland)

Bird flu (NHS)

Birth (Cumbria County Council)

Birth certificate (Cumbria County Council)

Blind people (Gov UK)

Blind people (RNIB)

Blocked drains and sewers (South Lakeland)

Blocked pavements (Cumbria County Council)

Blood donation (National Blood Service)

Blue badge scheme (South Lakeland)

Blue badge scheme (Cumbria County Council)

Blue tongue (Gov UK)

Boccia (Active Cumbria)

Body piercing (South Lakeland)

Bonfires (South Lakeland)

Bottle banks (South Lakeland)

Breeding animals (South Lakeland)

Bridges (Cumbria County Council)

Bridleways (National Trust)

Broadband (Cumbria County Council)

Building alterations (South Lakeland)

Building control (South Lakeland)

Building control guidance notes (South Lakeland)

Building regulations (South Lakeland)

Bulky item collection (South Lakeland)

Bullying at school (Department for Education)

Bullying at school (Gov UK)

Burials (South Lakeland)

Burnt out vehicles (South Lakeland)

Bus fares (South Lakeland)

Bus passes (South Lakeland)

Bus passes (Cumbria County Council)

Bus routes (Cumbria County Council)

Bus timetables (Cumbria County Council)

Buses (Cumbria County Council)

Business advice (South Lakeland)

Business awards and grants (South Lakeland)

Business development (South Lakeland)

Business opportunities (South Lakeland)

Business premises (South Lakeland)

Business rates (South Lakeland)

Business sites (South Lakeland)

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)