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Abandoned vehicles (South Lakeland)

Abandoned vehicles (Allerdale)

Abnormal loads (Cumbria County Council)

About the Council (Allerdale)

Access for disabled people (South Lakeland)

Access for disabled people (Allerdale)

Accident prevention (Gov UK)

Accidents at work (South Lakeland)

Accidents at work (Allerdale)

Accommodation (South Lakeland)

Accommodation (Allerdale)

Accommodation (Cumbria Tourism)

Accommodation (Discover Carlisle)

Acupuncture (South Lakeland)

Acupuncture (Allerdale)

Acupuncture (NHS)

Addiction (NHS)

Adoption (Cumbria County Council)

Adult and community education (Allerdale)

Adult and community education (Cumbria County Council)

Advertising (South Lakeland)

Advertising (Allerdale)

Advertising hoardings (South Lakeland)

Advertising hoardings (Allerdale)

After school care (Cumbria County Council)

Age UK (Age UK)

Agenda 21 (Allerdale)

Agriculture (Discover Carlisle)

AIDS and HIV (Cumbria County Council)


Air pollution (South Lakeland)

Air pollution (Allerdale)

Airports (Cumbria Tourism)

Airports (Department for Transport)

Alarms for elderly and disabled (Allerdale)

Alcohol licences (South Lakeland)

Alcohol licences (Allerdale)

Alcohol use and abuse (NHS)

Allerdale (Allerdale Borough Council)

Allergies (NHS)

Alley gating (Cumbria County Council)

Allotments (South Lakeland)

Alzheimers (Alzheimer's Society)

Alzheimers (NHS)

Ambulance (North West Ambulance Service)

Ambulance Service (North West Ambulance Service)

Ancient monuments (Cumbria County Council)

Ancient monuments (Lake District National Park)

Angling (Active Cumbria)

Angling (Lake District National Park)

Animal fouling (South Lakeland)

Animal fouling (Allerdale)

Animal health (Cumbria County Council)

Animal licences (South Lakeland)

Animal licences (Allerdale)

Animal movement 706 notification (sheep/goats/pigs) (DEFRA)

Animal nuisance (Allerdale)

Animal rights and welfare (South Lakeland)

Animal rights and welfare (Allerdale)

Animal rights and welfare (Cumbria County Council)

Animals dead (South Lakeland)

Animals dead (Allerdale)

Anti-social behaviour (South Lakeland)

Anti-social behaviour (Allerdale)

Anti-social behaviour (Cumbria Police)

Ants (South Lakeland)

Ants (Allerdale)

Archaeology (Cumbria County Council)

Archery (Active Cumbria)

Archives (Cumbria County Council)

Arts and entertainment venues (South Lakeland)

Arts and entertainment venues (Allerdale)

Arts development (Allerdale)

Asbestos (South Lakeland)

Asbestos (Allerdale)

Asbestos (Cumbria County Council)

ASBO (Allerdale)

ASBO (Cumbria Police)

Asylum seekers (Allerdale)

Attendance and truancy (Allerdale)

Attendance and truancy (Cumbria County Council)

Attendance and truancy (Gov UK)

Avian influenza (NHS)