Abandoned Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one which might have been left, unused, in one location for several weeks and may not be in a roadworthy condition.

Abandoned car

Abandoned vehicles may also be causing an obstruction to the highway or be a danger to pedestrians or other road users. It may have flat tyres, missing wheels or number plates.

A vehicle may not be abandoned if it has no tax disc or is badly parked.

To check if a vehicle is taxed please visit the DVLA. You will need the full registration and the make of the vehicle. If a vehicle is untaxed or SORN and is being kept on the highway you can report it to the DVLA directly.

We aim to respond to all reports of abandoned vehicles within one working day from when we receive the report. We will then try to identify and contact the owner.

If the investigation reveals the vehicle may have been abandoned a statutory notice is fixed to the vehicle. On expiry of this notice the vehicle is then removed for disposal.

We can recover the costs associated with the disposal of the vehicle from land owners or the owner of the vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle (opens in a new window).

Any reports regarding abandoned vehicles should be passed to the local police who will then investigate whether the vehicle has been involved in a crime.